Night owl

Finding Hope
2021-11-25 12:41:31 (UTC)

Cursed family

on one of my previous diaries,i said i forgive everyone but i dont think i do ...i can never forgive my dad. No matter how much i tried he ruins it all with just one word. whenever i come to think " He is becoming a better person, he is treating me well" he blows it up with just one fucking word.

why would you have 5 kids if you cant raise them well、treat them well、 send them away to this world to society in one piece. Instead he took it all、he broke every piece in me ...he took every bit of humanity left inside of me. Im who im today because of him...
And he dares to talk to me as if its all my fault、he treats me like im a bug ordering me taking all my freedom away ...
i cant come to love my own father. i hate myself for feeling this way ...
we are a cursed family ..