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2021-11-25 06:40:00 (UTC)


I can’t fudging do this crap anymore. NO. Absolutely not. Not like this. I almost died, that was so ugly. I need to get this crap cleaned up, organized, and done with. To be in proper shape first. Because I can’t sort out my feelings without the physical mess taken care of. Basically I almost flipped because of said audio, but that’s only a piece of what’s really wrong. Attraction in general? I’ve already come to terms with the fact that it’s not something I’d need to concern myself with considering where I am in life. (Aka: Being a jit). And it generally doesn’t matter because I won’t be having anything to do with anyone on that type of timing for a long while. Years in fact. So body and mind are free in that sense. Doesn’t really matter, can’t really be admonished. But not like this. Room and everything else need to be altered for me to be fine with acting like a fool.

So yeah. 7-7:30. And I’m out. For now I’m going to figure this other crap out.