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2021-11-24 23:11:01 (UTC)

Happy Thankfulness Day

As it's Thanksgiving tomorrow i thought i'd tell you the things i'm most thankful for right now.... in no particular order just what comes to mind when it does.

1. Conversations with my Brother and getting a chance to reconnect as adults and discover that we are both people that have things to show and teach and tell the other, that he's seeing me as a person, not just a little sister.

2. Friends in other countries, people that i can talk to and connect with and experience what life is like in another place.

3. The family i do have.

4. Friends in general, no matter how close or far away they may be.

5. Music, that suits any situation and any mood....soothes the soul.

6. Sitting here right now curled up warm in bed hearing the wind outside blowing like crazy, writing this entry and drinking a cup of tea.

7. Holidays

8. That it's almost December.

9. BOOKS (any good book recommendations i'd be grateful!)

10. Eye liner

11. My relatively good health.

12. Afrin.

13. Laughter

14. When something sparks your imagination and makes you excited to do or make something.

15. A little break that it being thanksgiving provided.

16. A little extra sleep that I've managed to get

17. Hope...that i still have some despite everything.

18. Pets, Both Lucy( the dog) and Frank(the cockatiel)

19. Warm Clothes.

20. Documentaries (also any recommendations here)

21. Podcasts (you know the drill recommendations here)

22. Writing out cards and letters it's good for the mind, good for the soul.

23. Having anything to look forward to.

24. Dreams... love the fact that people dream when they sleep....that's just honestly amazing and people don't give that the credit it deserves.

25. Poetry.


27. Being happy for your friends success.

28. The fact that we grow as people and change, and that we continue to have the ability to wake up and try again and be a better person everyday.

29. Colleen Ballanger Vlogs.

30. Finding contented moments.

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