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2021-11-24 21:36:35 (UTC)

They are all going into the light. 🤪

Works was a breeze today. We got let go early as they always do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So it was a light day. Got to sneak in a morning gym session too. Shhhh🤫 Don't tell 😌 Anyway, I'm a little behind on work. I had to help out this other group with a problem and got it resolved. Only thing is that no one helps me with my stuff after. So that means I have to do some work this weekend or on my scheduled days off next week. I don't mind. I got this.

My gym Sister was at class this morning. I have to admit it was so hard getting up from bed today. It was so cozy under two blankets. My body heat kept me nice and warm the night before and it took awhile because my house heater is under repair. Brrrr.... it's getting into the high 40°s F and that's about 8° or 9° C. That's in the house!!! No sleeping in commando gear for sure. Anyway, I was thinking it was too late to get ready. I'm tired, exhausted, muscles hurting, and it felt sooooo good under the blankets. But...I knew my gym Sister was gonna go so I said a few mean words to her and got my butt up. Not really bad words. Just a little grumbling.

When I got there, gym Sis was there too. Then off the corner of my eyes. This lady smiled and made a little meek little wave hello to me. At first I didn't recognize her but there she was. She was out of the gym for a couple years herself. She still had the shy meek smile and nice demeanor. Almost like a little Japanese woman from the old culture. Actually, I don't know what a old cultured Japanese woman would be like. I just see how humble they are in the movies. hehe. This lady used to be very fit. She had a nice hourglass figure even though she wasn't.....stacked. Very healthy at the time. Then post covid, she got the covid disease. No, not the actual disease. We actually call in in our gym Covid-20 meaning the weight gained from getting stuck at home. She looked like she got Covid 30 or 40. Of course, I didn't say that. Found out she actually joined for a one year membership so she'll be back in shape in no time. Still, it warmed my heart to see old friends coming back to the gym. These are the good ones that you should be surrounding yourself with. It makes me happy. Unlike the grumpy new clique I got pulled in to. It warms my heart to see another friend return and return smiling at me. It would suck if they came back and gave me an evil sneer 🤪

The workout was heavy on upper body. The secret it to go to the hardest station of the six we normally have and that way, it'll be easier at the end when were are near spent. Gym Sis, Mousey smile, and I along with a few that I'm not close to was in the same station. After the first station (push ups), I was glad I chose that one first. However, after 4 stations were done, I had to say that "All the stations suck today". Jokingly of course. Everyone laughed but they were all hard today. I even told Mousey-smile that she just joined the gym so she should go back and get a refund.

The second to the last station was to hold a kettlebell upside down and hold it up with one arm, elbows bent 90°. We hardly ever do that and I didn't realize how hard it is to balance and hold a kettlebell upside down. I could only manage a 26 lb kettle bell and a lot of others went even lighter. While holding it, we had to walk down and back at our station. It was hard. Felt so weak. I survived that but I know if someone was recording me, my face for sure probably looked like I was either constipated or imitating a child birth. But we all survived and as always, glad and feeling good after class was over.

Gym is closed tomorrow except for one gym (not my home gym) that is open for one session from 8-9:30AM. Someone twisted my arm to go so go I must. I need it anyway since it's Thanksgiving. Don't we all need a little extra exercising during the holidays anyway? So go I must for me. Not sure where I'll be going for Thanksgiving yet. Got a few invites but what I really want to do is to go to the Doubletree hotel and eat there. They have a Thanksgiving buffet there. Prime rib, ham, shrimp, crab, all the sides you can think of and a few tables of various desserts. So I'm sort of craving that instead. Don't have to cook, clean, or do anything. Just go to the hotel restaurant and pay-da-man!! Easy-peasy. At least I hope they still have that. Haven't been there post covid so I better call first.

That's all I got for today. Thankful for what I have but I don't need a holiday for Thanksgiving to make me realize that. I already was thankful for what I have in life and excited for what may be in store for me yet. So yeah, life is good. Can be better but taking what I can get. Oh yeah, wore my green shoes and someone noticed and complimented me on it ;) It's the little things in life :)