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2021-11-24 04:14:59 (UTC)

Who me...and CVB

11/23/21 Crazy day, didn't leave the house and was online for most of that time, Social Security had my phone ringing non-stop; they wanted me to pick a plan. I don't see the reasoning, I'll be relocating and all this stuff will be for nothing, I'll have to do it again in Florida. My ex is crafty, she contacted me to find out where to get body oils, I gave her the number of the Brother I've been doing business with for over a decade; I'm sure she was able to get what she wanted. Our contact was very brief and cordial, I don't expect her to contact me for any other reasons, she contacted me by email; never expected that and this will not turn into an ongoing thing. I'd neglected the fact that I closed every other avenue for her to contact me except email, I'll have to remember that for future reference.
I stayed in my room all day, the door was slightly ajar when Suboor (the Brother's name) returned, as he turned his key in the front door; I was closing my door. We didn't speak, the ruling is, when you enter upon a Brother; you greet him and he didn't speak. He knew I was here, car is outside, my door was slightly ajar and I was in the process of closing it when he entered. He wasn't going to greet me and I wanted to remain busy, I may have left the room twice, he made a point to stay in his room also. I get tired of hearing him chew his food with his mouth open, seeing him eat is even worse, we do not break bread together and probably won't. I'll be hitting the bed shortly, wanted to get up early to return to the store I believe, I'll find out why when I wake.
I'm hoping to enter tomorrow and find my 401k funds have been transferred to my bank account, I'll offer to get my son's car window fixed, for now; s'been a long day. Roommate's decided he's hungry, he's noisy, I think it's intentional; time to turn off the lights.....
11/24/21 Received mail from CVB yesterday, I'd called concerning my 401k acct., I wanted the company to transfer the funds to my bank; I would find that CVB had been sold and I believe they're still putting funds into my account. The company that purchased CVB gave everyone $1,000.00, I see there's a new comptroller and that must mean they let Ginny go, that doesn't make me unhappy; she was a self-righteous piece of work! Her and her Stan, as if anyone gave a shhhhhht about her personal life. So I'll call them tomorrow and see if there will be anymore contributions to my account and if so, I may transfer the current amount to my bank and allow them to continue to contribute, I really don't see that happening; but I can dream! I was all set to return to my bedroom when roomie returned, he entered offering peace, I returned his greeting and we communicated as though there were no issues to resolve; I was ok with that! I just wanted dude to know that I'm not the one to be trifled with and that I would have no problems separating myself from his presence.
I'd had a problem with another one of my Muslim Brother's, I'd planned to give him most of my belongings and found myself wondering why I hadn't offered my things to my Son, I'd given the man clothes I didn't see myself needing in Florida and considered giving him my car; I'll be giving the car to my Son instead. I remembered when I bought clothing the Brother was designing, the designs were ironed on, I was his first customer; I remember his Wife. When I was with the Brother last, the Wife he showed me wasn't the one I met, this was his new Wife and that gave me cause to pause. For some reason I get the feeling that the first Wife wanted done with him, as opposed to the other way around, his Son chose not to live with him and his new Wife; this turn of events suggested I should keep my distance and I've been doing so ever since. I'm going to leave him with the things I've already given him and we can consider him yesterday's news, one of my Muslim Brother's died not long ago, the Brother of the Muslim I get my scented oils from; his death was unexpected and he will be missed. This young man mentioned the Brother that died used to pick him up at his house and bring him to the Masjid (House of Prayer), I never considered taking over that task. Cars don't run on good deeds, they run on gas and gas costs money, why would I consider footing the bill for the gas when it's costing me to do something for you and had I a bike; I wouldn't be asking anyone for a ride!
When you show me that you believe I should be doing for you, when we're not related, you're over-stepping the boundaries of our relationship and that's where we are, whether he knows it or not. I've put space between us that will more than likely broaden.

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