Shakespeare's moon
2021-11-24 18:09:16 (UTC)

The wind up

The past two days have been truely intense, and you initiated it all. You also let a lot of things slip that I don't think you realized you wanted to in some of the conversations lately. And the way you talked, I can tell you have gone a little further than you really wanted to with one of your main play things. The dangerous thing is, I know you pretty well. I am finding out more and more how you think and feel ultimately about me and our friendships through this main play thing too. You value my opinion, and thats why after everything you do, you ask me if I liked what you did. When I pulled away to give myself space to keep from getting to wrapped up, you worried you had done something, and missed our talks and just spending time together. Ultimately you enjoy our friendship and from the sounds of it value what we have. I have to wonder how much is driven by the desire that I know most of your secrets and accept you for who you are. But also ultimately I wonder how much is driven by how much I bend to your wills, desires and passions. You are probably one of the best dominates I have ever had, and have boosted my feeling about myself a lot more than anyone else ever has. You are a strange one at times, divided between two places. I know how ultimately the other play thing will end. You don't even realize she has more toys out there on the string to hurt. She is a user, and then twists the knife and destroys the reputation of the ones who she has used up. She toys with men to get attention, things, and ultimately relationships. I know that if she is crossed she will try to destroy you, I have warned you but I don't honestly think you are fully heeding the warning. Me though? I am just out for the game. When the toy aspect is over, I know we would still be friends, although I may pull away long before then. We ebb and flow, and aparently I am your go to for everything. In your little harem of play toys, I am the one that is your favorite worn toy that never breaks, and I am fine with it.

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