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2021-11-25 02:37:58 (UTC)

Actual Signs of Cornetto Trilogy & Spaced Characters

The fact that I might be able to explain these makes astrology bullshit. Lol. I find it fun, though for some reason! Any characters missing is because I could not find their birthdays! Also, this is only Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Characters, to be clear. I might guess other characters in the future - not for Hot Fuzz or Spaced, though because -- I don't care that much. Lol. Spaced actually does have some pretty interesting characters, so... maybe? ::Shrug::

Shaun Riley
October 21st, 1975
8 in numerology
Libra sun
Taurus moon
Mercury in Libra
Venus in Virgo
Mars in Cancer
Interesting. I said his rising sign was Libra. (I'm not going to bother looking for the rising signs of the characters.) I said his sun sign was Aquarius, another air sign. Taurus and Cancer (my moon sign guess) are quite compatible in ways, so that works. I think that Mercury in Aquarius (my guess) and Mercury in Libra are 2 very different things. I said he had Mars in Virgo, rather than Venus in Virgo. I said he had Venus in Sagittarius, which is very different than Venus in Virgo. I guessed that he had Mars in Virgo, while according to the characters' birthday, he would have Mars in Cancer.

June 6th, 1972
4 in numerology
Gemini sun
Aries moon
Well, I was way off... I guessed Taurus sun and Cancer moon. I could almost see Aries moon - He's usually positive and enthusiastic, but I still think he's more of a Taurus than a Gemini.
Nicholas Angel
June 22nd, 1970
9 in numerology
Cancer sun
Aquarius moon
Mercury in Gemini
Venus in Leo
Mars in Cancer
So, he's literally the opposite sign of what I guessed -- Capricorn. I like the idea of him having Mars in Cancer, though because it shows a real sensitive side. A Cancer-sun sign person I can think of who is extremely hardworking is Elon Musk. So, Cancer could be fitting. Other than that, I'm not really seeing the rest. If there was Virgo thrown in, instead of all the Capricorn I guessed, I could see that. I guessed all his signs were Capricorn, to reiterate. I do think Simon Pegg, himself might be Capricorn-rising because he's just so darned cute! (Capricorn-rising is the cutest rising sign!) My only other guess would be Libra-Rising because from what I've seen, they have sort of a round face (though, not super round, like Cancer-rising) and... are often beautiful. πŸ˜‰

Danny Butterman
July 18th, 1973
9 in numerology
Cancer sun
Aquarius -or- Pisces moon
I kind of see how he could be Cancer sun. They are friendly and goofy. I guessed Pisces moon - depending on what time he was born, he's either Aquarius or Pisces Moon!
Gary King
January 3rd, 1973
6 in numerology
Capricorn sun
Sagittarius -or- Capricorn moon
Mercury in Sagittarius
Venus in Sagittarius
Mars in Sagittarius
Yay! He's a Capricorn! How cool is that?!? He is very cool and stylish, so there's that. He's also ambitious in a sense just for maybe not the "right" things. Him being a 6 in numerology makes a lot of sense, as well. My husband was. Simon Pegg is... Because astrologically, Simon Pegg and my husband really don't have anything in common... maybe the outer planets, but I don't really deal with those. So, maybe numerology is not bullshit? Lol. I'm kidding, but it's funny that they have the same number in numerology and remind me so much of each other. Anyways, for Gary King... Since I guessed his moon sign was Gemini, Sagittarius would be closer to that, than Capricorn. I guessed fire signs, though Aries instead of Sagittarius... except for Venus -- I guessed Sagittarius for that.

Yay! It's just cool that he's a Capricorn. If it were to be said that any of his other characters were Capricorns, that would be cool, but this is the coolest one!

Also, I think Capricorn with all the fiery Sagittarius influence, makes sense... maybe more so than Aries, like I had guessed.
Tim Bisley
September 17th, 1974
2 in numerology
Virgo sun
Libra moon
Mercury in Libra
Venus in Virgo
Mars in Libra
Some of this I got right! The moon and Mercury signs, namely. The moon sign is kind of a big deal. So, he's a Virgo? Cool. I don't have much else to say. This character is adorable - I'll leave it at that!

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