Nick's Journal
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2021-11-24 12:42:44 (UTC)

Current Events

when I was in middle school (long, long time ago now, sadly), we had a class called current events. we would need to bring in some newspaper clippings (yes, those were still a thing back then) and talk about them. so what the fuck, life has been particularly crazy so I think I will talk about this shit.

during my morning doom scrolling I came across something that broke my heart. an 8 year old boy died from his injuries at the Waukesha holiday parade. If you don't know about this, some crazy ass domestic abuser drove through the parade, running over people. he wasn't being pursued by police, so what the actual fuck?! fuck this guy. I am all about mental health and nuances in the law and all that great stuff, but fuck this piece of shit. he was abusing women, trafficking them and then ran over people at a parade. can you imagine being those parents? you're at a fucking parade with your 8 year old son being good parents and then this. can you imagine being that child? not even really knowing what is happening, then having your whole life snatched from you. one moment you are having fun at a parade and the next...

enes kanter. I don't know if you follow basketball but enes kanter is this Turkish basketball player who gained fame for talking shit about recep Erdogan. I can't figure out if I like him or not. he recently called out LeBron James. now, I can for sure say that I don't like LeBron James. what a hypocrite, fuck this guy. also, it seems like a lot of players in the league don't really like him. he gets into so many beefs (latest one with Stewart really showing his true colours). he is all about black lives matters, doxxed someone on the internet for it but then bows down to china. I'm actually amazed that the NBA hasn't sanctioned enes canter yet at the behest of sugar daddy china but that would probably lead to a firestorm here in the US (and rightfully so). but then enes canter went after Michael Jordan and I was like, "yo, you do not fuck with black Jesus". I love Michael Jordan. loved Kobe Bryant (still makes me so sad watching his amazing final game knowing what was to come for him and his poor daughter). don't know why I like them but not Lebron. just something about him.

so enes canter is calling out the NBA and Lebron for being a hypocrite staying silent on the Uighur genocide and profiting. then he wore these blood stained shoes to send a message that were...most likely...made in china. that's your current events.