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2021-11-24 11:02:00 (UTC)

Divorced, now what? #3

The Birth (HISTORY)

It was early morning on December 9th my water broke, and at that, my contractions started. I called Bass first, obviously, after 4 voicemails, i gave up and i started to call my mom, who lived about 30 minutes away. I then called my next door neighbor, Samantha and her husband Clive, who've been so generous, kind and so supportive over the course of the few months, also helping me renovate and scramble to get things done. Sam told me she would be right over. I then called my father in law, Bass' dad, who also took a few moments to answer. I told him that i'm going into labor and couldn't get a hold of Bass. He then informed me that Bass was studying for a test that was due that morning and told him that he didn't want to be disturbed. I was so anxious, livid and sad. Filled with emotions but mostly anxiety. Having said that, anxiety attacked crept in. Luckily Samantha (Sam) barged in, told me to calm down, to breathe, she called the ambulance a few minutes ago, they will be here in a few... although the nearest Ambulance station is also 30 minutes out, with a hospital nearest, 45 minutes. She took me to the couch and timed my contractions. I just started bawling. Clive came into the house, told Sam that the babysitter came, he asked me if Sam's mom can come in, who was a nurse. I just shook my head. Her mom, took me into the bedroom, i told her that i was unable to give birth naturally etc. She told me to keep calm and just breathe, if i'm calm the baby would be calm.

Sam brought me some ice chips to suck on and also my phone. When i called Bass for fifth time, he actually picked up, i told him i was in labor, he just started yelling over the phone that he can't hear me, i heard loud music, even Sam's mom could here it from where she was sitting, not even on loud speaker. He was at a party. Clear as day. I hang up and threw my phone across the room. I was LIVID. Sam's mom looked worried as i was now starting to bleed EVERYWHERE on the bed. My body went into shock. So i was informed, later on as i passed out.

I came to in the hospital, all i can remember, was being alone, feeling alone, yes, I had Sam and her mother, but emotionally, alone, abandoned. I blacked out again ... i suppose, i can't remember the whole thing, but when i opened my eyes, i was back in the recovery room. My baba wasn't with me. At first i thought that he was still born but later Sam's mom came by, telling me that i've lost a lot of blood, that my placenta had ruptured, they had to do an emergency c-section but that my baby boy is doing just fine. It was a sigh of relief. I asked Sam's mom what the policies was regarding not letting anyone to visit for the first few hours. She said if it is the wishes of the mother, it can be done. I told her that i didn't want to see ANYONE, i just wanted to be.

She said that she will let the admin staff and the doctor treating me, know. I felt forever grateful. At that point, I felt everything, happy, joyful, ecstatic even but on the other hand I was furious, overwhelmed by sadness and stressed. Mostly hurt.

Some hours have gone and i was moved to another room where I was able to see my baby boy for the first time. The nurse gave him to me. He was just this tiny, little perfect bundle of a human. I just loved him instantly.

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