Experienced Life
2021-11-24 01:14:45 (UTC)

More of my old clique coming back 😱🥳

So...the old gang is back. Well, almost all back from the old gym. We are just missing one more dude and maybe another lady named Liz. This short but cute Japanese lady that was into video games 🤷🏽‍♂️ in her 30s. Haha. I guess it's a cool enough hobby to have. Anyway, add one more positive person back into the gym. She has a Spanish name but she's either Romanian or Russian. Not entirely sure because that was one race back in Hawaii that I never got to see a lot of. All I know of her was that she was pretty strong and fit. She also travels a lot. I see her posts on FB and she doesn't just go to other States, she goes to other countries too. It's safe to say she travels at least every 3 months.

She's really quiet and shy and never talks bad about anyone or anything. We had many fun times when we'd all hook up on the same station after we dived into our groups. She has a cute accent and you know English is not her first language but I recall once that we were short one person in our station and she whispered to me that everyone is afraid to join our group in a nice funny way. Then another time I recall we were in a circle facing each other in a group of at least 6 people. We were passing around wall balls to each other . We had two going around so you had to be quick and we were only a few feet apart from each other so the wall ball toss to the person next to you is only about 3'. However, if you aren't watching both balls being passed around, you may not see the other one as you're passing the one you have and wham!! It will still be tossed to you and a 16 lb ball hitting you in the chest area and you're not expecting it? You will get knocked down to your butt. You won't get hurt but it's so funny and everyone is laughing because we're all already laughing when we're doing it knowing the possible outcome will not be good for the not so agile or slow peeps. Anyway, she wasn't quick enough and didn't see the ball coming. I saw her get hit with the look of shock on her face but by the time she hit the floor, she was already laughing. I believe superstar was the one that threw it to her too. This lady, I will call "The traveler" from now on. And oh yeah...she is cute of course. Either more torture for my "no dating" in the gym rule or...just more eye candy in the gym.

Anyway, just glad that we have our old team almost completely back again. These people are positive people. Even though the Traveler is quiet, she still brings a positive aura with her. And she's cute.. I know I know. . I said that already. Good friends are so easy to make. They are good to me and when I'm sick, they bring me food. When it's my special day, they hold surprise get togethers for me. When there is an event being held (unless it's girls night out), I always get invited.

It's the other dept that I gotta say that I may need some work on. I have friends that suggested I maybe accidentally point out that I'm doing well. That I'm in a 3 bed 2 bath home all to myself. That I'm not in a sucky job and I'm doing some fancy-smancy IT job that requires some brain cells to up my game. But meh... I disagree. That's not my soul. My income, my gadgets, my job, etc, etc, doesn't reflect my character. It doesn't show if I'm honest, reliable, trustworthy. Besides, those are pretend things some women are saying they are looking for in a man but will chose the bad-boy type anyway. Might be nature. Might be in people's DNA. Dunno. I don't even know where I fall in this world of Alphas and Betas (Apparently, that's how men are labeled nowadays).

Overall, it was a good day. After tomorrow, I'm off of work till Dec 2nd!! Yeah baby!! Not going anywhere though. The gym peeps were mentioning they might go to Vegas so I'll save my fun money in case we go there. Didn't stop me from buying new gym shoes. My first dark green workout shoes I ever owned. Other than that, it's been another nice drama free day so I'm having a night cap before bed. House is clean. Not from my doing. Housekeeper came in to clean today. Today felt ok today. Not too many parts hurt. Should be ready to rock tomorrow. Till next time.