Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-23 23:08:55 (UTC)

ABC....easy as....

I want to talk about Suicide, but i'm to scared to write my thoughts here...so i'm going to write the ABC's of right now instead.

A- Stands for Anxiety, Anger and Articulate.
B- Stands for Brave, Bendy, and Broken
C- Stands for Christmas, Concerned and Coffee
D- Stands for Disappointed, Determined and Dazed
E- Stands for Exhausted, Eager, and Empathetic
F- Stands for Fighting, Fear and Faith
G- Stands for God, Goals and Genuine
H- Stands for Hopeful, Helpful, and Heartache
I- Stands for Inspired, Impaired, and Idealistic
J- Stands for Josh, Joy, and Jumping though hoops
K- Stands for Kids, Knowingly, and Kind
L- Stands for Loyalty, Love, and Loss
M- Stands for Mood swings, Males, and Money
N- Stands for Nervous, Negative, and Nosey
O- Stands for Opposite Opinions, Open minds and Over it.
P- Stands for Prayer, Playing, and Privacy.
Q- Stands for Quiet, Quitting and Quizzical
R- Stands for Right way, Ring leader and Rude
S- Stands for Stolen moments, Starting fresh and shooting your shot
T- Stands for Thankful, Thoughtful and Tough
U- Stands for Unbelievable, Unreachable and Understanding
V- Stands for Vast, Visual and Victory
W- Stands for Walls, Wary and Watchful.
X- X-ray vision Xenas, and "X's and O's they haunt me"
Y- Stands for " Yeah no exactly" Yearning, Yellow
Z- Zealot, Zero on a scale of 1-10 and Zen