Becoming quietly confident
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2021-11-24 04:00:25 (UTC)

Sleepy ramblings

I proved myself again today at work, even though I’m quitting it was nice to show the newbies just why I am in the position I am at work. Tomorrow and next week and I am done.

Found out today that Thanksgiving will be held at my house, we are cooking. This is a crazy family I am in! Thankfully I instacarted all the ingredients for a thanksgiving meal this weekend knowing full well this might happen. I cleaned like mad too. So I am ready. My hubby is something of a chef so he will prep tomorrow and I’ll cook on Thursday.

For those concerned, I’m not actually going to hit on my chiropractor, I just write my feelings on here no matter how shallow or self absorbed or foolish they are. It helps to see them in black and white, acknowledge them and then deal with them.

My knee is hurting tonight.

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