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2021-11-23 10:53:55 (UTC)

Coexist sandpaper

I drive a truck. I also have a Coexist sticker. It aligns with my ideals. I also almost always vote… so I put those little stickers next to my coexist sticker.

I just picked up a grocery order. The kind where you just pull up and they put it in the trunk. Well, a policeman followed me. The kind where he pulls in tight like you are under suspicion. I saw him run my plates. I saw him pick up and repeat my license plate. Mind you I have no tickets and I’ve never been arrested much less convicted of anything.

So, why would this white officer follow me, a white guy, in a nice truck? I made no mis steps in my driving. I used my signals. I drove carefully and I even had my seat belt on. My son had his on too.

I could go into my distaste for the local police, and if you care I am happy to share. I’ll boil it down to a few things. One molested my wife when she was a kid. The same one had an “affair” with a 13 year old. The police covered it up. One officer tried to intimidate a friend of my daughter’s. He put his hand on his gun and told her she needed to do what he said… she was standing a doorway between classes waiting for a parent. Another was just a complete ass to me and we had a mile long messenger exchange… that he probably wishes I would delete. He’s racist and privileged.

Anyway, I’ll step down off this box, but I don’t think this distaste will ever go away. Following me because of a sticker and running my plates because you don’t like what I have to say is profiling. He can go screw himself.

Addition- I forgot about the officer that tried to rape my wife. He literally said “who is going to take your word over an officer of the law?” Mother fuckers… really. My skins a little crawling today. Can you tell? Also, I’m not saying all police are bad… I have a friend whose husband a policeman. He’s a great guy. One of those I’d drop my plans if he ever needed help.