My life experances
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2021-11-23 14:52:04 (UTC)

Long weekend at Jessica's - Friday night

The next sexual experience I had was again a totally unplanned one. It was the summer between grade 11 and 12. Thom had moved away to go to university not long after our prom night. I was single and not really looking for a relationship, or sex for that matter. My friend Jessica was home alone for the weekend and wanted me to come stay with her at her place. It was late Friday night and she suggested we go for a soak in the hot tub. We changed to out bikinis, got some coolers, and headed outside. We were drinking, chatting, and laughing our asses off when Jessica’s boyfriend called her. They talked for a bit, and when she got off the phone, she told me he was coming over to join us and that he had friend with him for me to hang with. I said I was not very fond of the idea, as I was still in the process of getting over Thom. But she convinced me it would be fun, and we would just be hanging out drinking, so I said sure, why not.

When the guys got there, they cam around back, chatted a bit and introduced me to Jack. He seemed like a nice guy. The guys went inside to put the liquor they brought in the fridge, and change. In no time they were in the hot tub with us and the four of us were chatting, joking, and drinking. Four high school kids having a good time. Some how we ended up playing truth or dare. It was my turn and Jessica dared me to make out with Jack, her boyfriends’ friend. We had to kneel facing each other in the middle of the hot tub and make out for 5 minutes, I though it was a dumb idea, but figured its just for fun, why not. We started kissing and it was nice, he was a great kisser! Before the 5 minutes was up, he had his hands around my waist, and I had my arms around his neck. It was really getting hot when Jessica called time. We all laughed and moved back to where we had been sitting. Next up was Jessica, and her boyfriend dared her to make out with me!!! I was like I don’t think so. But they all bugged me that this was just a fun game and to give it a try. So, I downed my entire drink and moved to the center of the hot tub where Jessica was waiting for me. She kissed me softly on the lips and paused to look at me. She smiled and moved in again and we started making out. It was so weird!!! I had never kissed anther girl before; her kisses were softer and nice. We made out like that until her boyfriend Dan called time. We all had a good laugh after that. Jessica dared the guys to kiss next, but like the asses’ guys can be they refused and that ended the game.

We kept joking and chatting and drinking. Seemed like as soon as I finished a drink, someone opened me anther one and I was starting to feel the affects, but we were all having a lot of fun so there were not worries at all. Suddenly Jessica stood up, moved over, and sat on Dans lap facing him. They immediately started making out right in front of Jack and me. They stopped and joked that we should do the same. Then Jessica reached over and turned the hot tub jets on high, and turned all the lights out, saying it was way to bright. They went back to making out and Jack and I just looked at each other not quite sure what to do. He said we could do the same if I wanted too, that he really liked kissing me earlier. I though for a second, it was hot earlier and said sure, why not!!! This Was SOOO not like me, but the drinks, the hot tub, watching Jessica, I guess it just got me in the party mood. I moved over onto Jacks lap facing him and we started making out, I was really getting into it, The coolers, the night air, the hot bubbles and a very good kisser!!!. I could feel his hands exploring my body. They were around my waist, then on my back, and in no time were on my boobs. I could feel him tugging at my bikini top, trying to get it out of the way but it was too tight. I stopped him and looked at him. I still don’t know why but I reached behind my back and undid the tie. I took his hand and slipped in under my top some he had mt bare boob in is hand. Without a word I just leaned back in, and we took up making out again. As we made out, he fondled, caressed, and played with my boob while we made out with only out heads out of the water.

The timer stopped again, and the water jets shut off. We all looked at each other and laughed about how the night had worked out. Jessica climbed off Dan’s lap and made her way over to the timer to rested it and the water started up again. She came over to where Jack and I were sitting and said let’s switch. I asked he what she meant. She said it was her turn to spend some time making out with Jack and my turn to be with Dan, her boyfriend!!! I asked what she was talking about and if she was serious. She said yes. Back when Jack had a girl friend the four of them use to switch partners all the time to keep things fresh. That is was just innocent fun between friends and the all enjoyed it. The guys agreed, and all wanted me to switch guys. It felt really weird but since they were all into it and looking forward to it I agree. I slipped off Jacks lap and Jessica was on it making out with him in no time. I turned to look and Dan not sure what to do. Dan reached for me and pulled me onto his lap, He told me that everything was good and not to worry or get upset. He told me it was just innocent fun between friends and that they had done it and more before. I was reaching behind my back to do my top back up when he lifted his knees so that I slide down his lap and up against him, He put his arms around my waist and held me tight so I could not get away, He told me to leave my top undone, he liked it that way, hanging open, then he pulled my face to his and kissed me hard. I don’t know why, just reaction I guess, I started kissing him back. Dan leaned back and pulled me so I fell forward on his chest. He had a firm hold of my waist, and was pushing down on my hips, rocking me on his cock. Even with out bathing suits on I could feel his hard cock grinding against me. He worked his hands up under my top, He was a lot rougher than Jack, manhandling my boobs, pinching my nipples. I told him to stop and pushed his hands away, but he just forced his way. It felt like he was going to do what ever he wanted where I liked it or not, where Jack was kinder and gentile. So here I was almost topless, making out with my best friend’s boyfriend, while she was across the hot tub making out with anther guy. It was so weird; I just went with it till the timer stopped again. We all stopped and looked at each other, first chance I got I climbed off Dan’s lap. I could not believe what we were doing, but they all seemed really into it so I just drank more and went with the flow

Jessica got up and started getting out. She said she had enough and was headed inside, that she was ready for some hot sex, and asked who wanted to join her. Dan was quick to get up and out saying that that sounded good to him. They asked if we were coming too, and I said I don’t think so, not into watching you two. She laughed and said who said anything about watching, we were inviting you to join in!! I told her that was sick, and they laughed as they headed inside, leaving Jack and I in the hot tub. Jack asked if I was ok and wanted to stay. I assured him I was, but the nights events were all kind of new and weird to me, Not something I had even though about doing before. He said he understood, it took a while for him to get comfortable having sex with just friends and doing the swapping thing. He said it gets better with time, but I was sure there was not going to be a next time for me.

We chatted for a little bit and he invited me to climb back on his lap, said we could pick up where we left off. I did really like him, and was kind of in the mood, so I slipped over and onto his lap and we took up making out where we had left off. Jack had a much gentler touch, and I liked the feel of his hands on me. He joked that it was dark out and with all the lights off no one could see anything we did, and that we could do anything we wanted. I knew where he was going with that. I flirted back with him, that he was right, and I took my bikini top completely off and thru it on the deck. His face lite up with a smile and he lifted me out of the water just enough that he could kiss my boobs and sick on my nipples. He was so soft and gentle that it felt amazing!!! After she spend time enjoying my boobs with is mouth, he turned us so that I was sitting on the edge of one of the seats. He stood up in front of me and slipped his bathing suit down and off, tossing it on the deck with my top. He had his cock close to my face and as me to suck on it. I was a little shocked and told him I don’t think so. I told him I was not into that, and though it was gross and disgusting. He seemed really surprised. I told him I don’t do oral, at all. He reluctantly said OK as he knelt back down into the water. We were back to making out, with only our heads out of the water, and our hands busy exploring each other bodies. He pulled me to the edge of my seat and started undoing the ties on the bottom of my bikini. I could not believe what we were doing, what I was doing with a guy I only just met. But between having way too much to drink and really being into it and into him, I did nothing to resist his advances, I fact I may have even helped him get them off me. Now we were both completely naked in the hot tub with no one else around.

We were back in the water with only our heads out again but this time both naked. I was sitting in one of the seats and Jack was kneeling in front of me. We were really making out like crazy. He moved closer and pulled me too him so that I was just on the edge of the seat. His hand slipped between my legs and found my pussy, He stroked it softly as we made out some more. He skillfully slipped a finger inside me and started rubbing, slow soft circular motions. My body started to tingle all over. He whispered for me to hold his cock and stroke it. I was so melting I just did everything he told me too. He rubbed my pussy this the finger he had inside me as we made out. The sensation built up till I could not take it anymore. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I had the most intense orgasm. I shivered uncontrollable as waves and waves when trough me. When I could not take any more, I grabbed his hand and held it. He laughed and joke that he knew I would like that. His hands move to my knees and he pushed them apart spreading them. He moved closer and rubbed the tip of his cock on my pussy. He started to push the tip inside me, but it wasn’t working. He suddenly wrapped his arms around me and held my body tight to his as he started to stand up. Not knowing what he was doing I naturally held on, wrapping my arms and legs around him. He carried me to the edge of the hot tub and set me down on the deck. He told me to lean back. I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, only my feet in the water, leaning back on my arms. Jack again put his hands on my legs forcing them apart and exposing my pussy. He moved in close again and push the first inch or so of his cock in me. It was a little uncomfortable but not bad. He held my hips as he pushed his cock all the way inside me. I jumped a bit as I felt is slide in. Once his cock was deep inside, he moved his hands to my waist. Pulling me closer to the edge and started sliding in and out of me, long slow deliberate strokes. His started to go faster. He moaned that I had such a tight little pussy. It felt weird, maybe the water has dried me out. It started to burn as he got faster. I leaned back so I was laying on the deck, I could feel every thrust of his cock as he slid out the pushed hard back in. Then something happened and I had n real intense pleasure again. It was building all over. I moaned out a “oh fuck” as a second orgasm started to build. That just made him go harder and faster. Suddenly he jammed in me hard and I knew he was about to cum, a couple more thrust and he was Cumming inside me. When he had finished, he kept sidling in and out of me till he went soft. He picked me up, held me tight and carried me back into the hot tub. We held each other, making out. I told him that was the most amazing thing I had ever done. He held each other making out while we regained ourselves

We decided to head inside and get dried off. When we did, he noticed it was almost 1:00 am. He said he had to go or he would be in real trouble with his parents, but asked if we could get together again, I told him I would like that and that I was staying at Jessica’s all weekend if he wanted to come back. We exchanged numbers and the guys left. Jessica and I climbed into her bed and fell asleep

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