2021-11-23 08:58:39 (UTC)

Prompt 140: NYC Rent Extraction

140. The rent in New York City makes it very difficult for a person making average wages to live there. Do you think it's worth the money? Why or why not? Could you survive a year paying top dollar for a tiny space? Why or why not?

This is finally the last prompt on the subject of NYC, and I couldn't be happier.

I have no interest in "hustling" in NYC to make my life work. That's what I would need to do were I to live there. It just doesn't seem worth it. Even the city I work in now is too chaotic, too disappointing, too riven with anxiety and potential violence for me to want to live there. It's the second reason I resigned, really. City life doesn't interest me at all anymore.

All this reminds me of two troubling aspects of the US economy: entertainment, and finance. In both of those fields, success requires tremendous sacrifices to what one could consider "normal" life. And for what? How long do you have to hustle, how much must you compromise, to "finally live the good life"?

Meanwhile, particularly in finance, you suck the wealth away from other people, and then create debt as a way to enrich yourself. In essence, stripping wealth away from others is how a financier enriches themselves. Personally I believe it's not an admirable way to live, and I can't stand being around people to whom making a lot of money equals success. The vast, vast majority of people who make scads of money are just wasting it on incredibly-inefficient, wasteful things like gigantic houses, massive cars, procreating with impunity...

Why value those things? Why punch down on your fellow humans with capitalist, extractive economics, when lifting up everyone is a much more productive, friendly, and generous way to live? You wouldn't be missing out on anything, honestly.

I could rail and rant about what NYC represents to me personally, but I want to stop there. I'm on vacation for cryin' out loud. Plus, complaining solves nothing and persuades no one.

To be clear, I would -never- want to live there, and I certainly wouldn't find value in scaping by in some Bronx hovel while financiers continue to rape and pillage their way to "success" in Manhattan.