My secret life
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2021-11-23 09:19:04 (UTC)

First time in awhile

It has been awhile since my last entry, but also going outside on my nude adventures too. It’s definitely not any warmer, in fact the temperature is 25 degrees out. It’s not raining or snowing, but the ground is definitely cold, and the night air has a slight breeze which makes it feel even colder. It might be cold, but again, I feel only cool, not shivering cold like you’d think. I can see my breath as I walk around. A good friend of mine who I’ve been communicating with and reads my diary, we’ve talked about my dick, and how even in the cold it hangs down. Believe me, it does retract some in this cold, but flaccid it might be hanging down 3” tonight. Yes, it’s looking for warmth! Lol!

My walk tonight took me out the back patio door, and I went to the other end of our building this time. I noticed two doors down, they have there Christmas lights around their patio door lit up. I’m just out there walking around, just like I would if I had clothes on, the ground is slightly frozen, frosty, and I’m wondering if I should have worn shoes tonight. I didn’t as I hate the idea of wearing anything, so I blocked it from my mind, and continued my walk. I made my way to the brightly lit parking lot area of the commercial building where now I could been seen very well due to the lights. The gas station across from it could definitely see me if they caught a glimpse of me. I’m beginning to feel even more like, I just don’t care if anyone watches me, or sees me. Most of my walks, I don’t sport an erection. It’s not a sexual thing, but in a way it is, but for myself, it’s the freedom from wearing clothes, but also, it’s a rush. The idea that I’m not supposed to be out in the open, I’m public, completely naked is something hard to explain, especially to someone who doesn’t understand. If it was legal, and accepted, I would be comfortable going nude all the time.

Anyway, tonight was just a stroll around places, with no particular destination. My main goal was to just get out again after a long break from it. Hopefully I can do it again, but if not, I’ve been able to undress indoors at some places other than my home. The nude adventures continue! If anyone who reads my diary, shares the same interest, I’d like to hear from you.

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