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2021-11-23 08:21:57 (UTC)

Divorced, now what?


How do one begin? You were at ground 100 and now, starting at ground zero. All the progress, lost. All the time, wasted. The therapists say there is 5 stages of grief:


I've been married to my high-school sweet heart for over 11 years. Yes, we married young, the whole world was our oyster. Well at that point, that is all you think about when actually, in reality, it's quite the opposite. You're broke, waste deep in dept from Uni/college, unemployed, married and still living with your parents.

No one can hit harder than reality. She can be a real bitch.

Though, i'm thankful. The marriage wasn't all a waste. It gave me two wonderful children whom i love dearly. Their father, not so much, though it irks me to say, i do still care for him even if he made it clear, he doesn't care about me. He is still the father of my kids. My first love. My first.

But, where do i go from here? What fish is there still to catch when it feels like the pond has dried up? How do you do this thing called dating? Am I ready? How much do you put out there? How much do you keep for yourself?

Now what?

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