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2021-11-14 05:29:19 (UTC)


Hello everyone,

... anyone... Whatever, I'm just saying that no one ever reads these. Anyways I did something that might be considered immoral or nosey by some but I personally don't see as that bad. Either way, I'm intrigued and I need to know more. The good thing is, I know exactly where to find it... just not HOW to get it without them noticing it's gone. I'm not expecting anyone except me to read this but just in case I'll explain.

So a few months ago I was chillin' in the basement while Hailey and the neighbor boys from down the street, John and Colton, were messing around when I decided to go through some junk we had lying around. Our parents were both out for one reason or another so I figured being nosey wouldn't get me into trouble. I went through our old junk drawer from a few years ago and found some cool nostalgic stuff like a profession card from Chuck E Cheese with a black and white picture of an around 5 me making a silly face while surrounded by the "movie star" design. There was also my favorite pokemon card from when I was in 2nd grade and a polaroid picture of Hailey and Colton on my top bunk from a few years ago. Kind of really off-topic but it's crazy how time flies. I have a few more polaroids from the same day and oh my god I could have sworn I'd taken them a few months ago but we all look so young, what happened?! Either way pouting won't do anything about it so I guess I should get on with the story.

After I got bored with that I found a trunk I recognized as the one we used to put a few of my baby teeth in -- kind of a weird tradition if you think about it -- under my dad's guitars and thought it might be worth checking out, so I moved them all carefully out of the way and slid the box out. It's a big, and I mean big, probably 5ftx2ftx2ft, dark green trunk with gold lining and some patches or paper stuck on somehow. I'll put an image address underneath of what I think is the exact one since I'm pretty sure I found it on google. Just imagine that but dirtier and with some patches of... probably clovers, butterflies, and some other random shit. Anyways I opened the latches, looked through the photos of my younger parents and some art that was probably made by a baby me, then something really caught my eye. It was a tattered-up red notebook with doodles of flowers, smileys, and other random things. I opened it up and recognized the early version of my mom's handwriting scrawled across the pages in poem-esc -

Imma have to finish this entry later but long story short in case I never finish this, there was a red notebook just like mine filled with poems and unsent letters just like mine (except for the poetry). There was also a note written to my dad about how she messed up somehow and how she hopes they can get back together or whatever and I, being their future kid, thought it was kinda cool how she didn't know it yet but later shed have a 13 year old kid with that dude and like 20 years later that kid would be reading it.