The Covid Diaries
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2021-11-22 19:52:04 (UTC)


I don't know why I despise needles so much it makes me so nervous everytime that I get them knowing nothing's bad gonna happen to me anyways.

Today, I get my second shot and I'm feeling nervous af even though I already know how the first shot went. I was very drowsy and my arm was a little sore but I was told to take to advil so it helped a little bit better tbh.

9:07 pm

Well I got my second shot today and I was nervous as usual because well I don't do needles. I'd never do needles ever since I was little they always get me nervous but I went through with it and it was very quick as the first one was. And now that I took the shot its making me very sleepy atm. And I think I'm going to go to sleep so....Goodnight.

P.S. Their wasn't really an age limit of going to Firebirds because Daja was their and she was freaking 18 or 19. I don't know how old she is ok. I guess you can say she's also cousin.

Also me and Q went together and we even took a great picture together and its now my profile picture and everyone loves it. But I had the usual of steak and loaded potatoes. Both very good of coarse and he had a Durango burger with onion rings. I don't like onion rings. That is all.

- A

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