Live my life♥

me and my life
2021-11-22 19:40:37 (UTC)

Life life lifee.....

Life is so unpredictable. Any damn thing can happen anytime. Tomorrow I was unemployed and today I have a job. My god this is a very big thing for me. I CANT THANK GD ENOUGH FOR THIS. Also i have to buy a good gift for J, because of her I got a job. I have to treat P too. Amid this all I miss V, he woud have been so proud of me. He comes in my dream randomly and then I wonder whyyyy????? When I ty to forget hi why he appears in front of me? Somwtimes I get itution of him calling me, texting me. Which is not at all possible but still.... anyways... today was my 1st day at work. It was good. Induction and formalities. Am yet to receive my latop. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a team and I have to gve inputs on marketing startegies lets see.
Cya all gn
Thanks god. 😊