Slowly descending into madness
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2021-11-22 19:21:12 (UTC)

Nicotine and rumor

I feel like my nicotine intake has been increased after the university reopened. I'd just go for class, stay there the whole time, talk to my friends, and can never ignore their "come smoke with us". Not that I want to ignore it. Then I'd come back around 5/6 pm. Would sleep after a tiring day of work, term paper submission, classes. I'd wake up in the middle of the night to pray then afterward I'd vape. In my defense, the pressure is pretty much skyrocketing for me with term papers, presentations, quizzes, and part-time job.

I bought a vape a few days ago. It's amazing, smells like strawberry. Ma could never catch this......or so I think. The moment I get caught is the moment she kills me.

I heard something interesting today from my junior Zun. Apparently, there's a rumor around my university that Josh and I broke up w our partners to be with each other. Since Zun is close to me, someone asked him to verify if it's true. Lmao no offence to me but I would never date a business major. Also, don't understand why people would take an interest in my dating life, dude it's dry af. Last time I actually properly dated someone was back in 2019. These people damn...