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2021-11-22 09:50:21 (UTC)

Massive dreams, deep sleep😱

I must've ran out of gas last weekend. I slept more last weekend than any other weekend this year. The body just told me a big "screw you!!" I guess and it was lights out for most of the weekend. I had a lot of dreams so I know I've been in REM sleep for a lot of the times I was asleep. So many that I can't remember them all. Some good, some bad. Some of the kiddos. Some of the ex wife and her normal dastardly deeds of ransacking the house leaving it like a hurricane came by and many furniture and appliances gone. I guess my waking mind is ok with it but my unconscious must have been scarred by it. Dunno.

But some dreams were of the kiddos so those were nice. I guess my unconscious mind still thinks about them because the last big Holiday I had with them was at Thanksgiving and it's been 5 yrs come this Thanksgiving. I mentioned this event in a previous post but the boy suggested initiated a prayer and we don't go to church (at the time). He just prayed for being thankful for us and to be together as a family. That's a normal prayer for a normal family but we weren't a church going family so it was big to me. Proud of the heart my kiddo had and I have to believe I had a part of him being this way. Anyway, his prayer didn't get answered because "poof" with no word or warning, the ex split and took the kiddos to Nevada a few days later. She kept them from contacting me even through social media and she said she did it because she doesn't want them to miss me if we were still in contact. Hehe. No fret. I never understood and never will care to understand the mind of a Narcissist woman.

Anyway, I think my body still could use some rest. Most of my sore muscles are gone and by that, that means I'm 70% better. Still some sore muscles on my lower back, triceps, and my ongoing right achilles tendon is still saying hello to me in the morning. But the latter is getting better. I can do daily workouts now without limping after my workouts.

Work is meh today. Got mtgs for most of the morning and one in the afternoon. I should be able to do actual work on some configurations before Thanksgiving and the three extra days I'm taking off after that. That leaves me with 3 days to do them. Hopefully asshat don't give me anything before Thanksgiving and mess up my game plan but knowing him, he'll throw a wrench in my schedule so I'll be ready regardless. If time runs out, I'll just do my work during the coming Holiday and it'll be fine.

So I got a break between mtgs and I will use it for my zen time this morning. Post my insignificant morning post and chill with my coffeee. Not in bed this time but my office desk aka: kitchen table. Got invited to a Thanksgiving hike this Thursday by Heidi. Who the heck hikes on Thanksgiving day? I doubt even my 1% theory that I always preach will get me to go to that event. Pffft!! That's time for watching some football. Probably will be invited to a Thanksgiving lunch and/or dinner too so I'll most likely do those more challenging events instead.Haha