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2021-11-22 07:56:43 (UTC)

At the Shore Again

Personal entry follows.

The day job training ended wonderfully, and that Saturday afternoon I eventually hit the road to go to the beach. I landed at my usual hotel. Attended a sad, sad funeral for a stepsister of mine Sunday evening (a two-hour drive out there and then back again), but beyond that I will most likely be on my own for the next several days.

I'm trying my "cash only" experiment again, with the hopes I can make it really stick this time around. So far I've been successful paying for fuel, and today I'll visit an organic grocery store and a cafe or two. We'll see if I can make it work so that, beyond the hotel, I have no record of any transactions in this town. Of course, there's record of my vehicle traveling over toll roads, but were I being tracked that would be the only record of me being anywhere, so far. I am curious if it's possible in this day and age to actually disappear from the radar completely should one choose to do it.

Finished a letter for my Czechen penpal that will be dropped off at the post office today. I have some boardwalk to bike on, some beach to walk on, some audio to record, films to watch, and video games to play. Pizza, pastries, pancakes and coffee are the main attractions, though if I find something special for Thanksgiving dinner at the grocery I'll be sure to treat myself.

The attached photo is the sunrise from my first morning here. So far I'm two-for-two in taking snapshots of the sunrise. Today's photo, however, was incredibly overcast. Now a fog is rolling in, obscuring the horizon. It's always surprising how 24 hours can make such a huge difference, at least cosmetically. Of course, the ocean is still out there, the sun is still out there. People are still out there.

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