Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-21 14:03:38 (UTC)

The end of something

I don't know if you are like me, where you can sense things, feel things, really empathetic.
But i also can...sometimes see what's going to happen before it does, like i may say some sarcastic predication about how something is going to go, but then it actually happens....exactly like i said it was going to, my predictions usually come true and my Gut feeling usually isn't wrong.
even when i don't have any real evidence to think something it later comes out that my gut feeling was right.

I just... sense the end of something coming, and i have an idea of what it will be, and i could be wrong or i'll be right and it just happens slightly differently than i think that it will, but regardless i know an ending is coming i can just feel it in my bones in the very core of me.
and that gives me anxiety, because endings are hard, and endings mean new beginnings which aren't bad things but starting over poses it's own difficulty's and the unknown is scary.
I'm trying to hold on to some hope that this feeling doesn't mean that because things are off and things are shifting doesn't mean that it's necessarily a bad thing.
That a shift in the way things are could be for the good, for the better, and ending could lead to an even better beginning...even if it's hard.

A.A. Milne (AKA the author of Winnie the pooh) said " How lucky am i to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"

I've only thought of and quoted this for one other situation in my life...and that was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do....
But i want to do what's right and hang on to the hope and all the growth that i've had since that situation, i am much stronger now than i was then, and i will be okay despite the fact that i can feel the end of something coming.