Slowly descending into madness
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2021-11-21 06:59:21 (UTC)


Went back to the place I grew up in a few days ago. The place is pretty much full of conservative Muslim people. I'm myself a practicing Muslim but I can never follow the religion blindly like them.

Anyway, my sister and I went there and stayed with our ex-neighbors, my mother's close friend, and her 2 daughters. One of the daughters, Mushfika shared an interesting story.

When we were growing up in that place, they used to have a walk in the afternoon. There was a guy, really into Mushfika. He used to wander around her, had a crush on her, but they never talked. My neighbours were very Tablighi so that's a reason, and the place is full of conservative people. To an extent grown unmarried people of the opposite genders don't talk to each other. Anyway, Mushfika got married and had 2 children. So did the guy after a few years. The funny thing is he literally named his firstborn Mushfika. Men in the 2000's conservative area has a weird way of expressing their love.

The guy died along with his family in a car accident few months ago. So, end of an untold "lovestory"I guess. I found the whole incident really intriguing.