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me and my life
2021-11-21 06:25:21 (UTC)

Good Newsssss

Oh my holy god. It takes an immense pleasure to announce that I finally got a fucking job after fucking 2 years and 18days. Omg i still can't believe. Am deliberately not being very happy abt it as I want to start things well first haha am not use to experience good things hahaha....i have become so good at dealing with bad things that I forgot how to deal with good thingss haha JK.

I have so much in my mind to buy
Ill now fill petrol as much as I want😝
Ill go to parlor for facials every month
I can make my nails too
I can take mom sis out for dinner
I can now buy insurance for my car
I can save for self
And most importantly I can tell people that I am a woeking women yuhoooo....
Also one fun thing i want to tell is that after updating my matrimony sites to working and mentioning my ctc I have gotten requests more than regular omg it was hilarious for me. I cant thank god enough for this and am so happy and nervous too...

I hope things will workout well on other end too... congrats karuuuu...