day to day life of a 40-year old, single, unmarried, lonely woman
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2021-11-20 13:50:18 (UTC)


Living my 40-year old life and here are some lessons I learned:

1. Improve, Adapt, Overcome.
2. Dapat makapal ang mukha mo para makapal din ang bulsa mo.
3. Money is power. Money makes life happy and easy. Money is really important.
4. Malas maging mataba.
5. Focus and you will achieve what you want.
6. Reading daily is a very good habit. There are many books to read so don't spend the year reading just one book. Find the time to read. Prioritize reading.
7. Try new things. That's how you will change and improve.
8. Try possibility thinking. Focus on the possibilities.
9. It is just me in my life. Wag umasa sa Diyos. All you are now is because of your previous choices. Walang susuporta sa sarili mo kundi ikaw lang.
10. Dapat maganda ang ngipin mo, para mas maganda, mas sweet at mas totoo ang smile mo, makaka-attract ka pa ng rich men. lolz.
11. Gamitin mo ang oagiging madaldal mo para kumita ng pera.
12. Know your talents and use them to make money.
13. Know what you really want so you can set up clearer goals and mas inspired and ganado ka sa pag-achieve ng mga ito.
14. Be great, not just good enough.
15. Don't just react, ACT!
16. Kapag toxic ang tao, iwasan mo na kagad at avoid arguing with them, avoid lecturing them. It's useless.
17. Focus on the things that make you money.

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