Slowly descending into madness
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2021-11-19 20:56:35 (UTC)


That day I was working in the cafeteria in my university, Josh came by with his friends. We got a bit of history but we never had that phase where you're awkward around someone you used to like, we knew better than that.

They were prepping for presentation. That's when his friend asked a question, how can influencers be benefited w AI, and I was slowly answering it for her. This was part of their prep and I was happy to help. That's when he made me angry. He literally said, "I thought you were dumb, that's why I liked you, I like dumb girls." I was like wtf?? Then he proceeded to add, "ya smarter girls make me insecure"

I still can't believe my ass I actually kissed him in the past. In my defence, it was a form of self harm. (Yes I use sexual activity as self harm). But man, I couldn’t do worse literally. "I like dumb girls". Man... The audacity of men.