Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-11-17 18:29:12 (UTC)

More productive day

I skipped class even though not sure I even had class today it was confusing whether we did or not so I just chose not to go
If anyone can answer questions from my first entry that would be great

Today is a”bones day for me “ if you been on tick tock which means it’s a day where I’m functional or very functional basically today is kinda functional day but I’m still in bed but it’s 1pm already made my Christmas wishlist
Called the medication hotline and took a shower for some people this is not much but for me it’s a lot about to brush my teeth problem is I have to take to tests which I dread I haven’t studied for them so I have to do open book which is helpful but is kinda exhausting like studying is for me today feels better but I still feel depressed

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