Dr. W's Space Travels
2021-11-16 00:33:36 (UTC)

Space Cadet Becomes the Somerville Connoisseur

I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that I’m still not writing entries as frequently as I used to. Are time and energy really that hard to find these days? I actually just found out that next week will be reduced overtime at work (7 hours), so I’m thrilled about that. Volumes are dropping drastically in the size segment I work in (as they usually do), so we’re now helping out with the small group work. I don’t know how I’m gonna apportion my overtime next week – thinking I might just do what I’ve been doing for the 10-hour weeks (45 minutes in the morning, 15 extra minutes from lunch break, and an hour in the evening), and then when Thursday comes I’ll be greeted with a lot less to do. It’s only a matter of time before overtime is eradicated all together. I use the word “eradicated” playfully – I know it’s good to have the extra money from working overtime. Although, I’m not really sure how it works with me being salaried now. Am I still getting the pay from my previous position, or am I getting underwriter pay? I haven’t even been paying attention, nor do I ever pay attention to how I’m getting paid. I’m one of the most ignorant people I know.

Yesterday I spent time with my grandmother for practically the whole day, which was really nice. We watched “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Warhorse”, both of which were outstanding. “Warhorse” particularly resonated with me because of how beautifully it portrayed the horse’s (Joey’s) journey under different owners, and the ending was a remarkable wrap-up. We also had spaghetti and meatballs with Dave’s Killer Bread (that stuff is so good…), marble cake with coffee, and good conversation. I genuinely love spending the occasional Saturday with her! Got back home at like midnight, but still hung out with the folks of The Friends Club over Discord. Played Valorant with them and had probably one of my worst runs in a while. I think I’m slowly starting to re-suck at that game. Not that I was ever great, although many of the people I play with say I’m quite good. But I think objectively speaking, I’m one of the weaker players. And I’m okay with that. But I still yet have a love-hate relationship with that game. It really has a good grasp on my self-esteem for the day XD

I think I’m ready for my next Somerville trip. It’s been… wait when did I last go? I think it was June, right? Which means if I decide to go in early December… it will have been about six months since my last trip. That’s extremely hard to believe, because it feels like it was only like three or four months ago that I went. I feel like I’ve been treating myself a lot lately (probably because I spent so much at the anime con…), but my trips to Somerville are different. They’re therapeutic, I think. I love to spend time with others, but it’s those “self-dates” that have an incredibly special spot in my heart. Okay I just spent like the last 30-45 minutes looking at Google Maps and contemplating where I wanna go for my next trip. Particularly, where I wanna have dinner and lunch. I’ve decided I’m going to make it a goal to hit as many food places in Somerville as possible, for as long as I live relatively near it. I’ve tried a total of seven places so far, with five of them being actual restaurants (the other two are a bake shop and a coffeeshop). I’m thinking about trying The Court House sub shop for lunch… they’ve got some neat options and a slew of good reviews. One of their specials has liverwurst, which I don’t think I’ve tried in a long while. I was also curious about the Salted Lime Bar & Kitchen, but I’m not sure if they do virgin drinks. Do bar/restaurant hybrids usually have the option to order non-alcoholic versions of otherwise alcoholic beverages? I’d be too nervous to ask them in person haha – I feel like there’s a stigma around non-drinkers wanting to be accommodated in a social drinking environment. Not that that kind of stigma is anything I’ve really ever experienced but y’know, I get unnecessarily worried about that kind of stuff.

So now the next day has actually come around and I’m devoid of things to talk about at the moment. Well, really I have a lot I could talk about, but I think I’ll save it for a future entry. My thoughts are very disorganized in this one and I think this is a good stopping point anyway. Contemplating whether or not to watch one more episode of Pripara tonight. I’ve been getting reeeeeally into it lately. Such a fun, fun show. I love it! Anyway, I’ve got some leftover marble pound cake here at my side, so I think I’m gonna go tackle it. And yeah, I’ve decided I wanna watch some Pripara after all.