The Covid Diaries
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2021-11-14 17:41:55 (UTC)

Baking cakes & Dying my hair...AGAIN!!!

I got my hair dyed again this time at first my auntie didn't do it right because she just put the bleach in my hair because I wanted to do it burnt orange or pumpkin patch. The first two times we just did it with the two bottles of semi-perminent hair dye and it got the roots but not my whole hair. But now that I've done it the third time and bleached it it is now permanent. My auntie didn't cover the whole hair only did the roots with different colors like the first two times that I've tried and fucked it up.

But now I know to put bleach in my hair next time that I decides to get my hair dyed a certain color but it turned out really good the 3rd time around. I was suppose to let it stay a little longer for it to go blonde but my hair was already burning so bad but it still turned out so perfect for me and I'm happy with the results.

My mother still wants to try one more bottle of pumpkin patch with me because of I guess some spots in my hair but so far I'm loving it and living it. And it's permanent this time not semi.

I also baked a cake that my grandma had gave me a while back for my birthday for the first time that I never opened or the icing. But except this time I thought to bake the cake because you know my period is on and all and I was really craving something chocolate. The icing might not be chocolate because it was white icing but it was still delicious and I was proud with everything.

I watched Adele One night only concert tonight on TV and yes I've sung along to every song she played and was singing. My favorite song by her right now is ' Easy on Me'. I just can't seem to get that song out of my head.

But anyways,yea that was my day today.

And I also talked to Q over the phone.

- A