Slowly descending into madness
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2021-11-14 18:51:44 (UTC)


I've started watching the 3rd season. And I hate i hate i hate how much I can relate to love.
The way she thinks, the way she loves, the way she moves on, the way her mind is fucked up, as much as I don’t want to admit, dude this is me on the fucking screen.
I like how She's so obsessive, so am I you know. I fucking stalk him everyday online, every minute I'm thinking of him. I can't move on, nor do I want to.
He's the reason I'm in this state. I hate him and I love him at the same time.
That's just life I guess. I wish people didn’t say I love you when they don't mean it lol. I take these 3 words so seriously. Always leaves me so fucked up.
I need to stop taking other people seriously. Everyone will leave eventually. This one did, previous one did, everyone did and everyone will. That's just how life works.