Becoming quietly confident
2021-11-14 03:30:40 (UTC)

Weekend notes- So I did it

So I did it- I let my boss know I am quitting my job. He understood but is understandably not happy. With my knee it’s just time to find a job not quite so rough on the joints. I gave notice so I still have a little while to work still but then I am staying home through Christmas. I thankfully have money saved up.

Tuesday we have another quote for the bathroom scheduled. This I have not told my husband yet. I still need to line up the third quote. I have a few names, I just have to get myself to actually call and talk on the phone. And I am stalling.

My son wanted to be a part of a small kids craft fair this last week so I helped him get all ready for that. He did pretty well. Every year he manages to make his own money for Christmas. He is also the first one out of all of us to shop for Christmas and is the first one done shopping. And the first one with a gift wrapped and under the tree. It’s pretty impressive.

I am ready for Christmas to start now. 🌲
It is only 41 days away.

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