My secret life
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2021-11-14 09:26:27 (UTC)

Update from 11/14/21

Well, I got out around 3:30am tonight. It was 34 degrees out, a little windy, but it was tolerable. I just made it back in, 4:37am right now. I had decided to take two directions tonight, one being towards the entrance to the complex, and the other completely in the other direction, that goes to the subdivision behind our complex.

It was nice, there we’re almost no cars on the road tonight, making it easier to make my way towards the entrance. I’ve never made it to the entrance, due to the wide openness in one area, and the possibility of being seen, due to lights being on. Well tonight there were no lights on, and no cars on the road. So I made my at to the entrance fir the first time. It’s well lit, the masonry signage to the complex is lit, and I made my way towards it. I felt a great accomplishment finally reaching this point, after several failed attempts. So I stood in front of the sign to commemorate that moment. I only wish I had brought my phone to take pictures, but normally I don’t, (due to being to dark and not using flash to draw attention). I thought about going on across the drive to the other side, and to another group of condos. I didn’t, and instead I headed back in the other direction towards the other end of the complex. As I passed my unit, I was checking to see if all was quiet at home. I continued on my route to the opposite end of the complex, passing by multiple units that I have passed in the past.

I made my way into the two yards that butt up to the complex. The slight wind is blowing over my naked body, making me a bit cold, but still not feeling like I’m freezing. I have often thought about while being at this location, taking a more direct way home by walking down the street in the front of the units. I know that the unit on the one end has no ring doorbells, but there is definitely a street light on that corner. It’s right on the corner of a woman I used too know quite well.

I look around, to see possible area to go, maybe in the near guide weather permits. I would eventually like to travel more towards the subdivision, and check out some places there. In the planning stage.

So I decided to head back, but take the safe way back, back behind the two units. I was getting cold, and I’m never sure how long I’m out, (no watch on, nothing on at all) and I made my way back home as I slipped back inside to warm up. I have been out fir a little over an hour. The longest I’ve been out here in this location. Not my longest ever, when I was ginger, pre-teen, I’d spend hours out running around naked. Fortunately I lived out in the country that had a lot of places to go naked at.

So, I’m back in for the night, and hope to have other outings.

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