Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-14 00:24:31 (UTC)

Another Midnight

Another Midnight another Entry about basically nothing.
I know that i need to write, but this is why i'm not a daily blogger, i have a boring like, it often repeats the same few things over and over until i feel like i'm going to literally go insane from the monotony of it all.
Which is what i was dealing with tonight feelings sad and lonely and board out of my mind trying to remember what "Fun" used to be before, adulthood became what it is now, before Global Pandemics changed the world forever, before i felt the way i currently feel right this second even though i know logically that this feeling will pass....

But still i was left kinda stumped and then annoyed at myself because i am not a gets bored type of person, i can always find ways to occupy myself, weather it be writing or reading or drawing, games, talking to friends, heck even working or cleaning can keep my mind occupied, and even then i have novels in my head that are continuing, that i've never written down, stories that i made and have developed for years and years that just pick up where i left off the last time i was getting anxious or bored or whatever.
I don't get bored easily, i can always find something, do something, go somewhere, talk to someone, ect.
i don't get this bored and anxious and restless, as i have been lately and it's actually really hard to deal with, and it' not that i have a lot of time on my hands to go have fun or something i don't but it's still hard when i find moments that i have to myself and then feel like i have nothing to fill them.... so any suggestions of things to keep life interesting? hobbies? things i should try? coping methods?

okay i should go, have to wake up early tomorrow....
but please leave a suggestion!