My secret life
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2021-11-13 22:40:10 (UTC)

Tonight getting out

It’s been several days since my last outing, and I’m having withdrawals. It’s been raining, or neighbors have left their patio lights on.

I’m ready to go out tonight, I would like to make it a fairly long outing if possible. It’s going to be cool, in the mid 30’s but no rain. So if everything goes as planned, o hope to be back out tonight.

My outdoor nude adventures don’t just happen here at my home, I also do other adventures as well, I’m other places. I’ve never posted anything about them, and have kept that separate from this diary. I’ve only recently shared that with someone, including documentation of it. I’m still wanting to document these adventures, but due to lighting, it’s hard to do. Not sure if there is an interest in my other adventures, and I would like to hear if there is. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read about my outdoor adventures. We’ll see what tonight brings.