My life experances
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2021-11-13 19:41:11 (UTC)

The second time had sex

The next time I had sex was more then a year after the first time. It was my last year of high school and Thom and I had been dating for 6 months. We fooled around a little but never had sex. We talked about it and decided we would after prom. He booked a room for us at the hotel where prom was held. I was very nervous, but mentally
prepared this time. We had a great night drinking and dancing till after midnight. Then after we headed up to our room. On the elevator we kissed and were giggling to ourselves because we both knew what we were planning to do.

Once inside the room Thom locked the door pulled me close. He kissed me long and passionately in the doorway, backing me against the wall. We made out like that for a few minutes then he took me by the and lead me into the room. It was sexy, hot, and scary all at the same time, seeing the bed and knowing no one would be disturbing us, and that there was no way to back out now. He opened a bottle of champagne he had brough and poured us each a glass. We drank it looking out the window at the street below and making nervous small talk. We put our drinks down and made out a little more standing in front of the window. I undid his tie and shirt as we made out. He stopped, toped up my glass and gave it back to me. I turned to look out the window and he came up behind me, put his arms around my waist and held me. He pushed my hair all to one shoulder and kissed the back and side of my neck and bare shoulder. I closed my eyes, maybe even moaned a bit as he continued, he knew I loved that. I closed my eyes and was so enjoying it. I felt how hard he was as he held my body tight to his. His hand round me and slide up, he cupped my boobs in his hand as he kissed my neck and shoulder. Next thing I felt him unzip back of my dress, slipping his hand in to caress the bare skin of my back. I felt a little exposed, but ok as we had fooled around some in the past. I suggested it was too bright, so he stopped and when around and turned out all the lights, topping up my glass again. It was romantic now with only the light from outside coming in. He knew I was starting to feel the effects of drinking and he also know I loved the feel of his touch and kisses. He slipped his shirt of and came up behind me again, he took up kissing my neck and shoulders, holding me so the skin of his chest was pressed against my back. I was so loving every moment of this, and he knew I was melting to his touch. His hands soon found the last clip on the back of the dress. He slowly undid it and then slid the zipper the rest of the way down. I bit my lip as I let my dress fall to the ground. He turned me to face him, and we really made out for a little bit, me in just my
bra, panties, and heels. When he took my hand and put it on the top of his pants, I knew what he was suggesting. I undid his belt, then his pants and zipper. He let them fall to the floor and held me tightly. He stopped kissing my and led me to the bed. We pulled back the sheets and slipped between them. Now in bed, in just our undies things really got hot.

We laid in bed facing each other and started making out again, our hands exploring each others skin. It got very
passionate. After a little bit he took my hand and put it on his cock. I pulled it away, but he held it there, told me it was ok, and I should get use to touching it. I relaxed and just held it. Wondered how it would fit in me. We resumed making out and he took my hand and slipped in inside his boxers. I took a deep breath and just held it
for a while. It was so warm and so hard. He told me stroke it a bit, so I did. He gave me hits like saying harder or faster, hold it tighter. I just did what ever he told me too. Then suddenly grabbed my hand and stopped me, saying he about to cum, but did not want to yet, and needed a break. I pulled my hand out and we just made
out. We were making out and rolling around and I was really getting into it. We would be on our sides facing each other, then he would be on top. It was so exciting. Some how I ended up on top and he was trying to undo my bra. I sat up. I was sitting on his cock with only our undies between us. It felt really good this time. He joked about me riding him and rocked me a little on his cock and I was so turned on. I think at that moment I decided that this was something I wanted.

I reached behind my back and undid my bra myself, slowly removing it and covering my boobs with my arms. I laid back down on him and we make out, my bare boobs pressed against his chest. After a few minutes of that he rolled us again, so I was on my back, and he was laying between my legs. He slowly kissed his way down my body
and between my boobs. He moved to one boob, kissing it, till he put his mouth over it and sucked softly. He had my whole boob in his mouth, sucking softly and his tongue played with my nipple. I am sure I moaned an “oh fuck”
and he spend a while there sucking on one, while his hand firmly held the other one. I was turned so turned on more then I had ever been before in my life and he spend time kissing, softly sucking and caressing my boobs. I honestly just closed my eyes and enjoyed every second!!!

After I while he was shuffling around. He moved and started kissing his way down the rest of my body. Down my chest, over my tummy, over my navel till he got to the top of my panties. He stopped and looked up at me and smiled. He placed one hand on each hip, pulling at the waist band of my panties. I was ok and ready, so I lifted my butt off the bed and he slipped my panties down and off me. He kissed his way back up my body and as he did we worked his boxers off. Again we were making out again, him laying between my legs, my panties, and his boxers both gone. We were kissing and I could feel his cock pushing, trying to enter me. I panicked a little but just
concentrated on kissing him. That went on for a while, but things were not working, so I got up the nerve and said here, I put my hand between us and took his cock in my hand. I parted my lips and put his cock at the entrance to my virgina. I told him to move up and push slowly, till the tip of his cock was in. It was ok, a little uncomfortable, so I told him to stop there. I put my hands round his neck as we made out and as we did, he pushed a little deeper, then a little deeper. It was uncomfortable, burned a bit, but did not hurt. I moan a little I guess, and he asked if it was ok. Still do not know why but I told him just do it, so he did, one long slow push and he was completely inside
me. I gasped a bit told him to hold still. He did and we kissed a lot while I got comfortable with the feeling of him inside me. It burned, but never really hurt. Once that stopped, he started sliding in and out of me, nice and slowly. The burn stopped and it started to feel nice. I was just starting to have a tingling feeling, like an orgasm building when he stopped kissing me. He lifted, resting his weight on his arms. He was sliding his cock in and out of me, going a little faster. I could tell he was really enjoying it and was concentrating on what he was doing. Then suddenly he started going faster and harder, then he thrust inside me, hard, and I could tell he orgasm. He went a little longer moaning a little then stopped. He held me tight and kissed me, telling me that was amazing. I knew right way he had cum inside me, but after the last time I was on birth control so was able to enjoy it. He asked how it was for me and I said nice. He asked if I had one and I told him almost. He rolled on his back, pulling me on top of him and I laid on his chest, resting a bit
After a bit we started kissing again and he told me it was my turn. I asked what he meant. He told me I should be on top and do what ever I needed to do to have an orgasm. To just move any way, I needed to. He suggested I
sit up and lower myself on his cock to see how that felt. So, I sat up on my knees and lifted off him. He held his cock straight up and I lowered myself on it. It was a different feeling for sure to feel it slide in me this way. I moved up and down on it, then tried rocking back and forth on it Then suddenly OMG what a sensation. I found a way that felt amazing. He knew and told me to keep doing that. I rocked back and forth on his cock for a awhile then the tingle in my pussy started to build. It was like when I masturbated but some much more intense. I could not take it anymore when the shivers hit. I slipped out an “oh fuck” as I had an organism. That made him
crazy too. He grabbed me around the waist, pushing me down on his cock as he cam, again When neither of us could take and more I fell forward on his chest. He held me so close and tight, and that is the we fell asleep.