Lumina ❤️
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2021-11-12 13:38:06 (UTC)


this was our song, do you remember?, i still remember that feeling being with you, for a moment nothing mattered but us, there was no sadness or pain. it was just you and me. and happiness. so much happiness that it overflowed.
i remember when we would stay up all night listening to music together and you would always fall asleep first. i can still imagine your cute sleeping face, you seemed so happy and calm. who knows when the last time we felt that happy. but that didn't matter,
the only thing that mattered was in that moment all our troubles melted away. for a brief moment time stopped moving itself, i wish it stayed frozen, I would give anything for one more second now. but i am so grateful we got to spend that time together every night.

every night before i go to sleep i think about that feeling, its not the same without you, but i hold your necklace really tight and listen to our song, i am so grateful for even that much, before you came along all i had was emptiness and i know if i am going to keep my promise to you
there is no way I'm going to revert back to my old self, some days are really hard and i miss you so much it hurts but that just means you mean the world to me and il gladly accept that pain, if i give up now i will just be dishonoring our memories and they mean too much to me to do that,
i know i will see you again, i have to believe that, we are still connected and always have been, whenever i think of you, you are thinking of me too.

even as i write this thinking about the happy feelings it feels so bitter-sweet and my eyes feel kind of watery but i wont cry, thank you for giving me my emotions. they are the one thing i have of you that only belong to you and no one else. my emotions are all yours. i am yours.

Lumina ❤️