no name
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2021-11-11 19:58:14 (UTC)


They’re trying to kill me. They are. And it’s effortlessly. I. I can’t. I don’t understand.

These people are fudging beautiful. Pretty. Handsome. Hot. Absolutely enchantingly ethereal and gorgeous. And I’m dying. Bye.

NO. THIS. I just cannot begin to comprehend what mix of neurotransmitters are being released in my brain and what I should be concluding based on these feelings. Swooning? I don’t even know what that means. I don’t know a thing. I’m just a child observing all the pretty little things in the world rn. Nothing to worry about. No reason to look for labels, not yet at least. No point. I’m just a bit overwhelmed by these women😀 and them making me question sexuality after I had shut down that train of thought a while ago.