Jenni's Diary
2021-11-11 17:28:16 (UTC)

"Time travelers wife"

I feel like the time travelers wife.
Except in this case, I'm not married nor do I have a husband who is a time traveler.
Im just using it as a metaphor.
This guy Jesus that I have been in love with for years now. He comes in and out of my life every now and then. He shows up one day and is talking to me, then next thing I know he ghosts me and doesn't return texts or calls. It had been like that for years now. I am always excited to see him when he does pop in my life again and I hate the fact that I always think that each time will be different. I just want him to be consistent for once. It takes a toll on my emotions when he does shit like this.
But I have to come to realize that maybe he doesn't feel the way I feel. He doesn't care about me. He doesn't think of me. He just pops in different times of my life when it is good for him. and that's the hard part of accepting.