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2021-11-11 08:49:47 (UTC)

Prompt 139: Ideal NYC Trip

139. Describe your ideal trip to New York City. What sights would you see and why? If you've been to the city, feel free to incorporate your experiences.

I'd like to go on a mapping expedition. The goal would be to map the entirety of the NYC underground: sewer and subway systems. This would be exhaustively accurate, and provide additional information for homeless enclaves, access points for electricity and water, and information about climate-controlled areas best for certain times of the year. Additionally, those areas prone to flood damage due to climate change would also be mapped, with useful advice included regarding where to go when severe storms are imminent.

I would then do two things with all this information:
- publish selected materials as a multi-volume zine (divided geographically or by borough), and distribute many, many copies to the residents of homeless shelters throughout the relevant boroughs
- mmmmmaybe provide this online in a secured website based in an international, deregulated location, so I could destroy all physical copies and so it would not be subject to US law and regulations.

I would then send an open letter to NYC government that I will gladly turn all my gathered information and resources over to them confidentially if they introduce drastic rent controls for those at 200% or less of the poverty level, reclaim abandoned properties that have no recorded occupants for the past 5 years (yeah, this means forcibly taking it from landlords, no big deal), rebuilding those properties so they are habitable, and conduct a massive hiring boost of public health and mental health professionals with a focus on homeless outreach.

The goal is to allow those who live on the fringes of society (by choice or by circumstance) still find shelter, food, and water. Additionally, those who are homeless due to mental illness or age-onset mental deterioration would be able to receive the healthcare they needed. It will also serve as a warning to NYC officials to follow-through with my request, since now the infrastructure of their fair city can be distributed to anyone, anywhere, regardless of their intentions.

I'd make this a year-long project. I would give NYC officials until 26th July of the following year to comply before releasing the entirety of all the mapping resources on the dark web.