Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-11-10 21:40:40 (UTC)

I found out my hole/loop for ..

I found out my hole/loop for my charms is okay and I can kinda make the same one I think I’m okay to start selling once I have more beads I just don’t know if after this I will plateau

Decided to still work to getting a job at sweet green for a little while but I’m so scared of using the cash register counting change etc I was always bad at that

My job coach wants me to ask my manager after New Years to use the cash register I feel kinda scared of asking but wanna do it

Going to try to learn to make flower crowns and necklaces too gotta wait for the flower crowns because Michaels only has winter fake flowers

Today I didn’t do much I went to class then I talked to my mom I practiced jewerly while going to class I couldn’t concentrate on class

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