Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-09 23:29:20 (UTC)

Mail and Movies

Writing for my sanity even on the times i don't feel like i have a lot to say.
It's been an alright day, kinda long, most of which while was work and such, was still kinda chill, nothing to crazy, but then when everyone was home this evening it just felt so hectic, so i went for a drive with a friend and we just sat in the car for a bit talking went and picked up some dinner went home, ate, talked with Josh and Emma and Tara while we ate, then we all watched the Giver which if you haven't read that book or watched the movie(book first of course cause the book is better) i totally recommend, and while we were watching the movie i wrote out some cards and letters to some of my friends, a couple to cheer up some of them that are going through rough times right now, and then the other normal letters that i usually send to my penpals overseas.
over all i dropped off 5 letters/Cards to the post office that will get mailed out tomorrow.

Yes i like actually hand writing letter and cards and snail mail, it's a dying art and everyone like getting a card or a letter and we just don't do enough of that in this day and age.
i'm an old soul, i love History, and Documentary's and snail mail, and Hippy, Gypsy vibes and i have some old fashioned morals and beliefs and i just feel like i was born in the wrong time...ha maybe i was.

The time change is messing with me as well as just winter and the short day's all day today i've felt like it was so much later than it was,only this little stretch from 10:00pm to now almost midnight has felt like it's flown by pretty fast and that's only because i was completely immersed in playing PUBG with A and B.
we seriously need a regular fourth player cause we keep getting paired with douche bags literally so annoying. people trying to kill us their own team mates just to be a jerk or people that are shit talkers and rude, or freaking 9 year olds from other country's who.... are crazy....haha we have some funny stories from being paired up with randoms but it's more fun when we can just chill and talk and play with people we know.
we've even met a few good people from playing this game, i've met a few that became real life friends. but it's all the luck of the draw.

For now i'm glad that tomorrow is Wednesday, i'm glad that it'll be the 10th and we'll be a third of the way through this month, and 10 days from my friends birthday!
Lots of things to look forward to for the rest of the month, and the rest of the year.
Feeling happy but tired right now...