no name
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2021-11-09 23:42:38 (UTC)

I love you so

Did they mean for this song to sound like the ending theme for season 2 of attack on Titan or is the traumatizing nature of that ending just making my ears hear this wrong. It just triggers such feelings of sadness and I kinda feel sick. The way miche died and then they played that song with the backstory thing playing in the background. It just did something to me. It was disturbing. It was messed up. And it impacted me, in a way. I don’t often find myself making memories these days. Nothing impactful. Nothing meaningful. Just the same dull things. But attack on Titan hurt me. I really loved the cast. And now the songs, like Call My Name, and Red Swan make me
f e e l t h i n g s.

I don’t know if I want to take away those feelings or drown in them.