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I Hate Middle School
2021-11-04 15:12:31 (UTC)

Update On Kiarra

(This entry used to be called: More Friends Getting More Boyfriends)


Okay, so I know whoever's reading this is probably sick of reading about boyfriends and stuff, whether it's anyone on here's boyfriends or me talking about my friend's boyfriends, but too bad! I am the least interesting person you'll ever read the diary of! Soooo before we start, an update on Kiarras relationship; (this was kind of wayyyyy longer than I expected so it's more of a part one than an update) Her and Aiden are still mad at each other but not talking anymore. At one point he was touching her in class but I'm pretty sure she either told him off or threatened to tell a teacher but either way, it's not happening anymore that I know of so that's good. At one point more or less a month later she was dating this Kyler kid ( which by the way, I totally saw coming! Kiarra always used to walk to the bus with me but after she DITCHED me for him and just by the way they interacted I knew something was up) but that only lasted less than a week -- probably three days maybe-- because, get this, some kid accused Kiarra of making another kid suicidal. Like WTF!?

Okay, let me explain, before Kyler and Kiarra started dating they asked this dude Ash if he liked Kyler, idk why. Maybe they suspected him of liking Kyler but I have no clue. Anyways, Ash said no and Kiarra and Kyler started dating but the next day Ash put something like "if I don't respond to you by Thursday I'm dead" or something like that in his discord description (kinda stupid I know) and now isn't showing up to school so everyone was kinda worried he was dead but spoiler alert, he was fine and everyone was worried for nothing but before anyone knew that, some girl was telling Kiarra that Ash did like Kyler and now he's depressed cause he's dating someone else. Then the next day Ash came back and I overheard Victor telling Kyler to confess something. I asked him what was going on and he said he's trying to convince Kyler to confess to his crush. I asked who it was cause I thought he and Kiarra were dating but Victor said he liked Ash so as you'd expect I was confused. Especially since Kyler was straight like- yesterday! I learned from Kiarra that they broke up and that was the end of it. What a rollercoaster.