Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-11-08 19:19:09 (UTC)

I’m free this whole week so ..

I’m free this whole week so there will be more diary entry’s I’m okay
I think my life is better then in my bad days I have few friends but there good friends even though yes I would love to make more so we can do things together it’s okay I suck at most things but maybe I’ll get better my family is a problem but I will be independent possibly soon it’s just I’m not sure about these things
and I’m frustrated without doing open book I can only hope to get cs but maybe that will change if I talk to my teacher about what is important and what is not I just don’t know I finally started taking my meds regularly
I just want to be successful
I’m trying
To get a eye exam to see if this opens a new world for me for some of this stuff