no name
2021-11-08 14:49:00 (UTC)


The idea is that I do a 180 degree switch up and prioritize health and not stress over nothing. Detach from that emotional investment thing I brought up. Den, Phy, Ski health. Eating at the right times, eating the right amount to last, brushing enough, and exercising enough. Not trying to pretend there's some force that's pushing me to play or watch things in an order I don't want. Don't feel like reading manga but want to do something that has to do with it? Practice that katakana thing. ugh
Don't feel like watching that show? Watch netflix instead. Don't feel like playing that game? Play genshin instead. Don't feel like doing anything? Work or take a nap, either would be beneficial, technically. This does require me to have some semblance of order, however. Motivation? Detachment. Overpower thoughts. No more idle thinking. To fall into place.

besides, if it doesn't hurt, you're not doing it right.
i could become a tsihcosam for school, i think. i was delirious that one time, idk what was wrong with me but like. anyways.

but seriously, I'm never talking to people about this stuff. there's those weeb and otaku stereotypes and crap that I want nothing to do with. it's not like I'm that involved with that sort of media anyway, but I don't wanna take my chances. No way jose.