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2021-11-08 00:44:16 (UTC)

Another victim

‎‎Sunday, ‎November ‎7, ‎2021

Oldman's news of Anger

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Another letter of from older person robbed by the thugs of the sheriff's department in Benton County of Arkansas. Not bad enough catching dirty attorneys, as well as filthy judges. Heck, any place in Arkansas I can find a dirty state, city county, township of someone given that extra power to push citizens around as the thugs call us working class.
Susan Manard, Beaver Shores
Beaver Shores
Didn’t want to publicly tell all the busybodies:
I was robbed here, my beautiful Harley, everything in my garage, and over a million dollars in jewelry- by ex-felons. I was 62 at the time, disabled, and lived alone. I was arrested and thrown in jail by the Benton County Sheriffs, and I never received an explanation from anyone including my high-dollar attorney. They also refused to write a stolen report so I could get my insurance money.
We have no rights here and my list is very long of me trying to fight for my rights, with no success. I have lost almost everything because of this corrupt state, which means that I am stuck here. Oh boy! Susan
Corruption is still high lever with Benton county, as well as the majority of sheriff's jails. There a moneymaker for the county. They will find any reason to take from wherever they think they can get away with. After all when it's in the thousands then a five-man split is the name of the game with the thugs still in this business. But, I was and still am in failing health. Finally caught one of those thugs and even the Prosecutor at that time (Now working as a chief for Walmart) protecting Walmart from their legal daily problems. This guy is a big crook as even took my case on to court. Guess in the hopes of getting a judge in this thug crowd. But, the judge was one of those believing in The Rights of all people. I had a few people ready to go after this 11 year veteran of Benton county to state what the truth was. Didn't need the people, as the video showed it all. But, this punk-ass thug still made an arrest in my yard, home, owner of he did not believe. Still had to wait a long time to go to court. The first arrest even. But, no matter the age thousands of dollars I would have done everything in my power to go after these dishonest thugs with badges to get them in prison, But had over six thousand myself. They broke into my home safe when I was not there and when I arrived. Was told I could not enter my own house as they had a warrant and we're not done searching for more money. They were busy cutting open my safe as I told them I would open it for them. They said either leave and come back in an hour or be placed in a patrol car. Lost that money as well. No proof, but friends as they say. People at that time rented rooms from me, and I didn't know them as just bought the property and gone to buy another property. But, did finally get one of them fired and well known to be real low life. At that time I was in my sixties. Since then have had my dog shot by another deputy thug sneaking around the property and the dog attacked him while in a bedroom and chained up. They even tried to get me to pay for vet checking to see if he was healthy. I am now 75, but only have daily drive-bys from them and of course, it is called a patrol. When I need them because of a punk kid, took them over an hour to get here. Yes, I was able to control the punk after a bloody mess. Took three of those thugs to handle the punk. It happens a lot in Arkansas, as heard from many people like you. At my age as well as weakness there waiting for me to probably die, but I am sure this as well as hundreds of other people will keep track of these county thugs. With so much corruption in government that Biden playing head cheese doesn't help clean anything up. Biden Mandate, over the Bill Of Rights and the Constitution? At least one judge is not going to let it happen. Look at the citizens not doing a damn thing.

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