My secret life
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2021-11-07 07:49:19 (UTC)

Time to change

Well I’m wondering how many thought the title meant I was changing my ways? Not at all, I’ve been doing things like this, for over 5 decades. Tonight was our time change for us here, and we get an extra hours sleep, but in my case, an extra time to play outside.

I got out tonight, the temperature is a little warmer, 30 degrees rather than that 27 degree from the other night. But, I forgot about wearing shoes out again. I’m not used to having anything on, and so I didn’t have any on tonight. Tonight, I decided to venture behind the next complexes units, due to literally, cold feet. They were all pretty dark, and quite. These are the same units I take the road route, trying too get to the main entrance. I’ve never noticed anyone with ring doorbells on the back patios, but that’s not saying there isn’t security cameras either! If so, they got a bit of a show! Ha!

My feet were definitely getting cold again, and I only made it to the end of the next building, but decided to cut through the pines dividing our complex, and the road. Then I made my way down, and along the roadway, and it seemed busier tonight than normal, but, it was in actuality, 2:30 am. I’m not so worried anymore about cars seeing me, or catching a glimpse, they seem to be more focused on the road, and the road does curve too, making it in one direction a straight on headlight shot, if I’m stand to far out.

I’ve made it back in for the moment. I want to give a shout out to my friend, John who is celebrating his wife’s birthday! Get it John!

I’m possibly planning to document my outside adventures later this morning. Due to the time change, it’ll be later, but bright enough so I can video some nude time outside. We’ll see! Thanks for reading!