no name
2021-11-06 15:26:00 (UTC)


Novelupdates. Kind of scared me, last time I even looked at that stuff was months back, and it was only on my phone, never my computer, not like this.
Same with animeplanet or whatever it's called. The transmigration stories I swore I'd get back to. Even nosleep was something I only accessed years ago really, I remember this one channel I used to listen to for those stories, no longer posts those kind anymore, unfortunately.
Reminds me of all that creepypasta stuff. And sims 4. It's been a while since I watched a playthrough of much besides horror games because watching yourrage play outlast (finally) is just so much more interesting (it is).
The transmigration stories, the cheating stories, the mother-son adoption stories (man I was obsessed with this child saving/second chance trope), the revenge stories--constantly being 2 steps ahead of the female lead & sometimes the ML (UGHHH THSOE WERE SO GOOD AT THE TIME), and the pinterest board for me to visualize this stuff happening. Because reading is only ever good for me if I can imagine it in my head as it happens apparently. The character's hair, eyes, movements, behavior, expressions, and the interactions exchanged with other characters. I have to be able to see it, mentally, or I can't seem to really immerse myself. I don't know why I've fallen off of manga/graphic literature since it basically does that part for me.

It's strange. Same with anime and animated shows, I can't seem to keep myself watching. I've only finished 6 episodes of Squid game after like 2 months because shows with real people aren't easier for me either. I'm either binge watching or finishing a single episode/chapter every 2 weeks. How extreme. But back on topic. I'm not watching anything. I don't feel like it, I'll probs get into that later, maybe tomorrow, I don't know and I don't care. Not now anyway. Novelupdates and ,, that cheating story. Cheating Men Must Die, Jesus, what a title.

why am i highkey excited, its been so long since ive read this stuff. Chinese & Japanese translated webnovels. trying to transfer my addiction from ao3 to these stories. and maybe nosleep reddit stories. Starting now.